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I am an integrative psychotherapist based in Northwest London, with more than 25 years' experience. I provide psychotherapy for individuals and couples, supervision and training for practitioners. External link UKCP Registered


You may seek psychotherapy if you are troubled by anxiety and/or depression, experience distressing emotions, or if you find it hard to access your feelings. Or you may be interested in exploring your inner world to enhance self-awareness. Read more »


Supervision is an arrangement for one psychotherapist or counsellor to consult another who is more experienced, or has special expertise. I have a breadth of experience to offer practitioners. Read more »


Seminars, workshops and courses for practicing psychotherapists and counsellors, trainees and students. Specialising in the cultivation of bodily awareness as a psychotherapeutic tool. Read more »

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Contact me on +44 7980 063710 or

"Things cannot be at standstill forever." – I Ching