I am available to provide training for practising psychotherapists, and counsellors as well as students, by arrangement with your group or organisation.

Theories of body process in psychotherapy

The formation of character structures as a way of understanding human development, personality, and motivation; how character forms physically as a bioenergetic defence system that is both protective and limiting to the individual as well as potentially transformative.

For training purposes a direct experience of one’s own body process may be enhanced by touch techniques which help trainees learn to locate areas of energy/emotional blockage and effectively release them. In the consulting room subtler techniques of body reading, mirroring, and understanding body based transference and countertransference do not require touch and therefore impinge less on the unfolding client process.

Wu style Qi Gong and Taiji Quan for psychotherapists

For practitioners of psychotherapy and counselling who would like to enhance their skills through meditation, Qi Gong and Taiji Quan can foster insight into the self and increase ones capacity to be present in the consulting room.

Qi gong exercises consist of still postures and gentle movements that open the body’s meridians and promote health and well-being. Qi Gong fosters physical balance, inner stillness and improved capacity to experience and contain emotions.

Taiji Quan consists of graceful and pleasurable movements organised into forms. Learning a form is a creative challenge which teaches attentiveness to one’s inner landscape, resulting in poise and equanimity. Students interested in Taiji Quan as a martial form will find that it promotes a lively interface with the world around us. Read more External link

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