I provide a dedicated, reliable and confidential space into which you can bring whatever you wish to explore. My role is to help you open out the material you bring, and suggest possible ways forward.

Areas of work may include: personal identity and empowerment; making and sustaining relationships; life management and problem solving; coming to terms with trauma or loss; a sense of past interfering with present.


Sessions are 50 minutes long and my fee is £55 per session. Concessions may be available. Sessions take place weekly, sometimes twice-weekly. You reserve a session time and keep it for as long as we work together.

Cancelled sessions must be paid for. I will endeavour to provide an alternative session time whenever possible, at no extra charge.

Beginning therapyTop

The process begins with an initial meeting in which we can consider what you would like to get out of therapy and how we might work together.

We will explore what is bringing you to therapy, and you will have the opportunity to ask me questions about my approach to our work. If we both think that psychotherapy will be beneficial, we can proceed.

Duration of therapyTop

Work may be time limited or open ended. Open ended work is wide-ranging, offering the possibility of exploring in detail.

Time limited therapy is useful for examining a specific problem, or may be appropriate if you have financial or time constraints. Knowing the length of the work can provide focus and motivation for you.

Ending therapyTop

In open ended therapy, you are likely to identify a time when you feel different from when you started, and ready to continue your journey on your own. In time limited therapy the end is agreed in advance.

Assessment of 'where we are now' is possible and useful at any point, and may be suggested by either of us.


Adults and young adults of all ethnicities, religious backgrounds and sexual orientations are welcome. Wheelchair access is not available at this time.


Everything you present is confidential, within the terms of the UKCP Code of Ethics External link.

Catherine Leder

Contact me on 020 7794 2995 or

"Things cannot be at standstill forever." – I Ching